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Books and Resources in the Mi'kmaq Read to Me bag

Kitjewi na mu-keska’tuenuk ekina’muemk tel-kitjemk wjit wenik ta’n pasik tami No’pa Sko’sia.


Iknmuetuekl wi’katiknn aqq kinua’taqne’l nepilsutiewo’kuo’mk wjit te’s mijua’ji’j weskwijinuit No’pa Sko’sia.


Tel-wlkaqnik etlewistuoq, ekiljeyoq aqq ketapekieyoq knijan wjiatew elqanatey tel-kina’masit knijan ke’sk me’ nutqwe’k.

Toqpa’tioq aqq ekiljeyoq,  iknmuatesk knijan ta’n koqoey kis-we’wtew teli-pkitawsit.

Your bag will contain 2 of the following baby books: 
Mi'kmaq Translation of Kisses Kisses Bab
50 Best Books for Babies Booklet:

Between birth and two years of age babies are growing and developing at an amazing rate and its important that parents choose the right books for each developmental stage. Our 50 Best Books for Babies booklet contains age appropriate book suggestions for parents to enjoy with their baby from birth to age 2. 

Library Welcome Card:

This card welcomes your baby to Nova Scotia's Public Libraries. Libraries have books, programs and other services for the whole family to enjoy, Simply bring this card to your community library to register for your baby’s permanent library card. (Some identification will be required). To find your closest public library, visit

Babies Love Books Reading Guide:

Babies Love Books is a month-by-month guide featuring information on reading development, tips for activities as well as book suggestions and rhymes to sing. Parents and caregivers can hang the guide on the wall as an easy and informative daily reference. 

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